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g305 vs g403
no shit but the FPS thoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo. But for real tho, the superlight isn't that great of a buy if you're coming from the GPW since it's way more expensive. However, the...
g305 vs g403
Wdym mennnnnnn??? RGB = more FPS duhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
g305 vs g403
Got mine cheaper for 1000 PHP (asked a friend from Asia to buy it for me then ship it here, not including the shipping fee to Sweden)
g305 vs g403
Not worth the waste of money if you have GPW + you don't get the RGB kekW.
g305 vs g403
If its a stock G305 then yeah otherwise you wouldn't feel that much of a difference between 88 and 87. But I did have an error stating that it's 88g with the adapter but it's actually 81g so mb.
g305 vs g403
99 grams as opposed to 80 grams for GPW. With the AAA -> AA adapter it's at least 88g (shown by LTT) vs. the stock GPW
g305 vs g403
G305s a glorified G Pro Wireless. Keep it, and try to get like a AAA to AA adapter so it's a bit lighter.
Kendrick Lamar Logic (the old one not the new one) Not really a fan of pop.
3090 worth it?
Yeah a Quadro RTX 4000 that has 8 GBs of RAM is "definitely better" than a 3090 that has 24 GB because it's cheaper 🙄. It doesn't even matter what Quadro to specify because you definitely know the Qu...
3090 worth it?
Exchange rates different in each country + at the same time, it depends on who's selling. And the fact that you're suggesting a GPU that only has 8 GBs of RAM which is probably not enough in today's s...
3090 worth it?
So 5 grand > 3 grand minimum, right!!!!
3090 worth it?
3090 due to that VRAM alone.
3090 worth it?
Not worth the waste of money if you're doing it in the comfort of your home.
school subjects
Calculus Biology (because of our teacher) English Worst one is probably Philosophy
I mean, it's an experiment. Gotta let Jks do some impact somehow but on paper? It doesn't look like he's doing some.