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Krieg (SG 553)
I miss it very much, they should nerf the price instead of the gun, for example they should make it cost 3700$ or smthng so Ts would rather buy ak+helm
best CLUTCH in CSGO history
yea, people just forget and overhype things, this play will be forgotten as many others that were maybe even better
best CLUTCH in CSGO history
ye god HiKo, we miss u
best CLUTCH in CSGO history
what about this one
best CLUTCH in CSGO history
tf those were two teams in top 10 at the time
best CLUTCH in CSGO history
insane one aswell
Best Clutch ever?
??????????? nothing can beat this one
[PSA] RMR 2020 sticker capsule is now 75% off
i sold my knife to buy them before the sale...............
Favorite spot in a map to be in
Dust 2 - short (the annoying corner where you hold short with awp and when u miss, u can just jump back ct) Inferno - behind sandbox holding top of "car" while my mate is watching from close, but not ...
kennyS VAC
normal lucky shot, that sometimes happens when you spam a smoke, like one shot in 100 but it has to happen once that it works, like me today on dust 2 two rounds in row i spammed with awp from t spawn...
2300 elo is breaking point of faceit
it depends, for me everything under 1700 is braindead and bad, 1700-2200 is atleast trying and starting to hit some shots, 2200-3000 are fine players, 3k+ are tryhards
Top 5 Players With The Most AWP Kills
2015 GuardiaN > 2015 kennyS 2014 kennyS > 2014 GuardiaN facts
legit or insane reactions
to add, he didnt have info about him and that was the first time he saw him
lvl10 under 100 matches 1.5kd
+1 its easy to get 2001 elo, i saw a guy with 50matches lvl 10 1.9kd who was just smurfing on low lvl 10s