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Impact frags
i rather play with a guy who has 18kills instead of 30, but gives every possible info, supports you(crossfire, flash assists,...) , makes strats, is fun to play with and who makes a good atmosphere m...
Players You Miss In Tier1 ?
GuardiaN pasha JW flusha kennyS GTR me
stock market
this will lead to much more intensive inflation- money from stock market is being withdrawn ---> the money is gonna be used on casual things (cars, real estate,...) so the prices of these things are g...
HLTV TOP #3 of 2021 strawpoll
Which EU country is best to visit? I am studying abroad
i would say netherlands is one of the best options every friend i know that studied there doesnt regret the experience denmark, sweden, swiss or norway are options too
Valve wake up??
they even forgot about ending stockholm major sticker sale lmao, they said it will end 20th december
what is talent in cs go
+1 you can have 120ms reaction time but your average time to kill time can be 0.8sec or even more meanwhile pros have 0.5-0.6
what is talent in cs go
you dont have to have fast reaction time if you are playing rifles (no awp)
Faceit elo
2300elo and 4.4k hours but i have only played like 800faceits, so out of those hours the majority was playing mm with friends, no tryhard just fun
Top 20 players 2021: 16th
not mechanically gifted man, but they are good players, no doubt
Frozen robbed
hope so, if not, hltv will disappoint me, once again
Frozen robbed
n o p q r s t u v w x y z
Frozen robbed
in my opinion ropz was a little bit better overall, so i dont think he will be on the list anymore ropz>frozen>broky my opinion