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is jumpthrow bind legal?
Could be tournaments where it's not, but at majors at least it is specifically allowed, together with buyscripts, as an exception to the no-scripts rule: https://twitter.com/EL_pANdaRL/status/11467651...
Q Danish guys
m4a1 nerf
They might, but they will also have slightly worse buys. That's a lot of kits suddenly not being bought because of $100 missing here and there, which translates into a lot of close rounds not being wo...
1mill vievers??
It includes all linked streams
end of cz revolution
Well, that is also the entire premise of what it is. Maybe it can't be balanced at all as a pistol with a pistol-esque price-tag, but if they want to try I think reducing the damage/penetration is the...
end of cz revolution
Natu is probably right, but it might also be balanced to simply lower the damage quite a bit. The very big problem that makes the CZ incredibly strong is how fast and easily it kills people close quar...
HLTV Top10 frag highlights of 2014?
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GmnCutPOoJQ On behalf of france I'd like to say: Dear JW, y u do dis? I swear this wasn't in the topic before. :S:S
Dignitas vs 3DMAX
So yeah if I seemed a bit over-the-top cocky about going through in the interview after the game it was because I somehow forgot mouz was in our group xD preGG jinxed it now!
No nuke at DH Stockholm
Teams veto nuke if they don't feel they have a very good T side, because it simply feels safer to not risk going down 14-1 or something like that and having to come back. Even if you start CT and you ...
6000 USD per month?
I went to bmw.dk and bmw.pl and found the same car ;>
6000 USD per month?
A bmd 320d costs $100800 in Denmark - in poland it costs $45554 For stuff like food etc., the difference is bigger!
worst pro nicknames
It's just so weird. Once in a while he will bust out the EMSTQD name again and it just makes me happy every time. Wait, not sure what just happened.
VAC authentication error
I fixed it, when it just randomly started in the middle of a game, by going to library->cs->properties->local files->verify integrity
ESEA trail code
Not sure if this works or not, it says on the page that it should be expired, but I think it might work, since it's not removed from my list of available codes. DAA31816220CE25664A42E460AC87F6F
Name my knifes, reward.