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AleksiB = Karrigan
I aren't think that.
> u literally are rewarded for NOT AIMING at your target Spraying - not aiming at your enemy at all. And btw only a few weapons hit right in the middle of your crosshair, every other weapon just hits ...
G2 & Vitality fans come here
the only fun you have is with those cows you sacrifice ;-)
G2 & Vitality fans come here
are you mad, my little friend? sacrifice a cow and stop being such a little shit ;-)
G2 & Vitality fans come here
Are you registered officially as a part of G2? Do you get any profit as a shareholder or an employee of their? Or you just want to feel like a part of anything serious, even if it's not true? Dude, co...
So you're really that dumb?.. You spend money on a piece of hardware that you can't use at full power? Just for what? To look "modern" in front of the other kids? Not to look "outdated"? "Look, I have...
G2 & Vitality fans come here
"we lost in a stupid way again" Who's "we"?.. Have you lost something in a stupid way?
Wait, are you trolling me? Because one cannot vomit anything like that being serious.
1440p is the monitor resolution, he will use it everywhere or he's just plain stupid. And about 240 Hz and minimum 240 fps - for sure he can rely on adaptive sync, but when you don't see 240 Hz most o...
I don't know why I try so hard when I see someone making mistakes like that. I mean, you buy a 240 Hz monitor and you either don't see those 240 Hz because you have less than 240 fps, or you see 240 f...
On 1440p with everything on the highest I'm sure you will have fps drops noticeably lower than 240 fps, and one you say "let's decrease res or graphics or rely on adaptive sync" I will answer "why the...
So you wanna buy a 240 Hz gaming monitor on which you're supposed to see everything in the best possible way, and you're telling me you're gonna DECREASE RESOLUTION (WTF?) or *TIP OF THE DAY* decrease...
model O for csgo?
What's a model O?
> i would like to upgrade to 240hz 1440p In what world can 5700/xt handle any modern game with at least 240 fps @ 1440p? Or you want to buy a monitor and have it run @ 240 Hz only when you look at you...
Are there any practice maps like this that exist?
I'm pretty sure aim_botz ADADAD 5 speed 5 is enough to practice any gun on a strafing enemy.