I am 13 years old and I hav a cat

reached on 13.07.2020:
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pros best transformations
coldzera was on steroids as well from what I heard
PENTA vs Elites
PENTA? wat ar they doink there? old roster hltv mens((
kuben xD
Dust2 sucks
idk bout you but a game where there are some magic sticks or some other weird fantasy is not for me, thats why I dont play Valorant for example, btw imagine barely holding mouse mens((
Dust2 sucks
I read dota 2 sucks and hoped for some good arguments because imo MOBa games sucks!
tbh he was actually a good user imo cant say if unfair not knowing the reason
Online interview
surely not HLTV on second screen
insecure kids!!
Well, my probably will start mutating around late 14s - mid 15s because my height is 160cm and I didnt hit puberty yet, I know that things go very fast but my prediction for starting puberty for me i...
PS 5 or XBOX
Pc masterrace 😎🤜🤛😎
insecure kids!!
Well, I didn't hit puberty yet and because of it I feel like I'm not the part of social group, feel like rejected even if my friends like me, idk what wrong but I feel like it
insecure kids!!
I don't think it's too late, I'm overall insecure because I didn't hit the main puberty yet, THAT's the problem
aim test
388 ms I also tested my reaction time and got avg 200 ms and best like 190 ms
insecure kids!!
The only shit I'm insecure about is that I am almost 14 and look like a 11 year old + got a voice of a girl
Name Change
Isn't this a thing the people are complaining about? People being offensive? Then why the hell you remove the abillity to change - this way we wont change
Name Change
What if someone has offensive name and wants to change it ?