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Viewer pass?
Gl to you bro too
major stickers
Trust me bro, but damn Valve really be releasing the stickers super late this major
Viewer pass? I was kinda delusional with faze because of Neo and I had hope in him, I think Vitality wasn't that good back then and I didn't consider that they could make it through, al...
Viewer pass?
no i dont really have a screenshot from what i chose there were 8 teams that made it through and i think that i chose one team for 3-0 that made it through but not with 3-0, I surely did not choose Re...
Remember this match?
Source for this one? Nvm didnt see it in the shop
Viewer pass?
cant really remember google says around 10$ but I dont really remember, it was around the operation price or a bit cheaper
Viewer pass?
Yeah I meant that if you sell the immediately you get like half the price of the pass
Viewer pass?
basically get the pickems right and watch 1 match from this stage men the win 10 rounds was boring af tho
p90 inferna only lvl 10
idk if i got the letters right but something like xMBTx
Viewer pass?
were they really? cant find any information about that, i thought they were just... released it would mess up the market too much imo the only use for non-souvenirs would be tradeups then, because wh...
Viewer pass?
why bully me mens legends stage really did fuk me up
Viewer pass?
Doesn't make much sense for me to use those skins: a) used in the operation and for now every operation collection was exclusive for the operation (at least for the newer operations, where you have al...
another skin submission
ok this one is nice