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vaccine passport!
I totaly feel like a slave because I can look up when my Tetanus expires.
Dong Size World
u will see avarage dick size go up in climate change. vitamin d increase growth hormone > dick in young ages. lets goo bois
Rate ur instagram
do u actually think anyone here links his real instagram? everyone here is insecure irl and exactly here for the reason to play a different role than irl :D 90% here baiting are probably kids that go...
minimum wage thoughts?
why not just create a fixed income for this affordable human needs shit. we're slowly turning into a timeline an age were more works are becoming meaningless and can be easily done with mashines. im s...
PC gaming is over?
probably, the new thing will be VR gaming sooner or later.
Things you fear
i dont really know. i think not living my life and having to ask my self if it was actually worth it in the end.
if we think like that. there is literally 0 point to anything out there beside mayb being born and dying one day. if u enjoy something, do it. its that simple.
life is like monopoly
well im saying the generation of 2010+ will literally not remember anyone like this ppl.
life is like monopoly
not really avarage job is done by robot and humans do task that actually matter. but ye our ego is still way to big to think like that,.
life is like monopoly
kinda already started. ask 10 out of 20 ppl in highschool show him a picture of some olds chaps and they will not know. show them a picture of jay z or kanye, they know
life is like monopoly
im totally behind ur logic, there should be a limit on how much someone can own. like a fix income of 1400 for "everyone" and a max of 10.000-20.000 of monthly salary from job, should be enough for ev...