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if u count last 20 years china probably killed millions. but its not that important anymore cuz internet and everyday new episode of favorite tv serie :D
+20 and admins don’t come pls
snakepoison like the CIA used and probably still use to get rid of opposition. kills u like 2-3 hours later if u dont have the anti poison thing.
juice f*cking world
music industry is shady brah, the labels will kill off hyped artist just to push their clicks and streams. unreal.
suicide in U.S.A. wtf
cuz ppl slowly realize that this life is pointless and everything u achieve and do it just a waste of time, so they just numb themselves consume shit loads of drugs buy meaning less things fuck with 0...
this 1.6 css orgs cant compare with the big orgs that have big investors behind them.
Favorite food?
u black motherfucker, for sure.
Favorite food?
had the same, was this nasty butter fish but when u have salmon or tuna its really good.
18+ daily good deed
i actually helped a woman down the stairs with her stroller, yesterday night, so technically its 24 hours so its today. LUL
ronaldo LUL
cuz football is nothing but business anymore. in 1 year they easily make that money with selling ronaldo merch.
Veganism and climate!
nana ur nothing but a little peasant, controlled by me. keep playing that rat race called life.
do you like black girls
where i work, there are many many beautiful black girls. we some kind of media company and we have many many foreigners and mostly 90% of girls cuz our boss is gay but shh.
Veganism and climate!
u can't be cuz im the elite dividing u with this post! but shhhh noob
"Mafia games"
couldn't care less ,i dont identify with any countries.
Jamppi carrer
KARMA is a BITCH. u cheated, u fuckd up. only game ive ever cheated in is GTA
"Mafia games"
join the government u can play dem real mafia games.