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the only time ur vitamins will work, if u inject them. cuz otherwise u just piss them out again.
2 weeks vaccine!!
i mean im not anti vax but if we take vaccines of the past especially fast ones, they caused many harm and problems.
france wat doink??
actually it's the opposite. the world has never had a unity this strong like it has today. the media might give u the look of complete ending of the world but, its just the beginning of something real...
retarded amazon worker?
why ice cold, its the reality. society needs to stop view death as a bad thing. its the most natural thing next to being born.
retarded amazon worker?
its more likely the amazon worker has covid than u have covid. in both cases, the old men will die. and with 94 im pretty sure hes gladly accepting this fate.
The best book you read in your life
not gonna lie, it was a good read. i had it on audiobook and listened to it when i was walkin around and stuff. take away the name ninja, this is a pretty nice book.
corona deaths!
the numbers are straight nonsense. u can still be tested positive 5 weeks after having this or any other virus but u cant really infect others anymore.
u already have a global government u already have a sort of totalitarian society with all the smartphones and all this shit spying on you. what makes me more sheep than u?
and what ur gonna do if there is no government, no banks and all this shit? we gonna live in total anarchy, u will have no internet, battle royal games will literally become real life then.
one player has to play the shitty role my frend. not everyone will always have 20 frags. he did quite well when it came to aim battles.