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ttc vs NLG
Damn this kid
ttc vs NLG
What about xenn?
Top 3 deagle players right now
Every list without Lekro is wrong.
AWPers who can't rifle at all ?
wtf is Syrson doing in that list lol
I agree. This is like thinking people will first think about Malone, Barkley or even Westbrook, Harden when it comes to Basketball instead of Jordan, James, Kobe or many more. Or think about Zlatan,...
Unicorns of Love vs ttc
Yes, he is stagnating atm and his talent is just shining through partly. But Slaxz is also a little bit shaky and the skill ceiling should be higher on Andyy, I guess. I didn't understand why no bett...
Unicorns of Love vs ttc
What about Andyy?
most likeable teams
I agree with the list, but how is Forze likeable? They're good players for sure, but they (or at least xsepower) are arrogant and toxic af. I would include OG, Sprout, !00T and Spirit in the List.
I didn't even mean that these players should form a team together. I was more about a danish shuffle (I didn't write it, I know). If you have BlameF, you don't need Karrigan of course. Though he's a r...
I really don't understand danish scene. You could have two or three top 10 teams in terms of player quality, but the teams and players prefer to go international. Valde, Konfig, BlameF, Farlig and Kar...
Yeah, compared to s1mple's baits it really was 0/8.
Expected from Westbrick stan.
Fnatic - The perfect team?
I'm not opposing him, I'm supporting his position.
Fnatic - The perfect team?
Yes, and you looked at the last 6 months. If we go for the last 3 months, the usage of the SG falls down to 144 and the AK to 200. Astralis stopped using the the SG around 3 months ago and mostly pic...