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Third Impact vs GGPR
third impact no chance on map 2, they're actually overrated with their team jersey too LOL. give the sponsorship to the better team with the better godlike player, pluto <3
Lyngby Vikings vs Entropiq
check WOLFY twitter lmao he's literally sleepy and you're losing to him. IMAGINE losing to a guy who pulled an all nighter to work then to play csgo lOL
Lyngby Vikings vs Entropiq
deserved lose tbh to entropiq. they are overrated next to any team with XANTARES, sinners, LDLC and Fiend. HOW MANY TIMES MUST I STRESS THIS.
Entropiq vs Nemiga
Ez for entropiq 2–1
Bravos vs 9z
no change for 9z <3 i love to see this team fail, they've been and always will be flukes
Bravos vs 9z
i hate 9z plz end them bravos. dont let them go to europe i dont want them to premiere into the higher ranks.. especially rox like who the f is this guy
9z vs Havan Liberty
im here to see havan liberty 15 win streak era end
Havan Liberty vs Paquetá
i was here from 5-8 to see a 14 match streak end from havan! i was also there for the 9z game too when they lose their win streak!
BLUEJAYS vs Eternal Fire
blue jays revenge
Entropiq Prague vs BLUEJAYS
lol bluejays will win obviously
Davenport University vs YeniCherry
yenicherry > eternal fire tbh
Eternal Fire vs BLUEJAYS
easy for no namers
Spirit vs SKADE
repeat of the same map 1 scenario LOL
Spirit vs SKADE
skade won the match
K23 vs SKADE
no its the finals, skade will want this title and prize pool for the accolades they'll try but skade will prob lose map 1 yeah