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That is finally my real profile, I still have not reached the HLTV team to request to have it validated or with the possibility to add any pic.

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Yes, papi is getting back on track!
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Brazil hahahahahahha
cuz you got 9-12cm and actually you are from kebabland and wanna make funny of BR :D How ironic it is, isnt it?
Coldzera is back
You can be from wherever the hell you probably think you are. You sound like kebab. Just go watch some porn kid.
Coldzera is back
You are faking flag cuz you are ashamed to say where you from. so I leave the LUL here .
Coldzera is back
The truth is that you are just a braindead at hltv :D
girl is losing interest
try to moderate that, the key would keep her interested. Girls like to chase sometimes, so keep it up. Good luck brother!
ecoPayz is a scam
Have you thought about Skrill or Revolut? :)
girl is losing interest
Use reverse psychology. Start chasing her, let her miss you (in case she does), otherwise its waste of time for yourself and move on.
Im talking with a br grill
Dude, she looks german even if I know she is BR, but she is hot blyat. Go for it!
ecoPayz is a scam
Are you using ecopayz because of poker? :)
coldzera new haircut
wasted talents from ur country [cs]
ASPX. thanks
R8 my new car
German cars like Volkswagen are a clear example of expensive and cheap cars. "Why would you buy a wallet that cost 95 usd and have 5 usd inside, when you can buy 5 usd wallet and have 95 inside?" ...
Own server for turks + russians
I have been saying this since a long time and now you made a post @ HLTV. Turkeys , Russians/Ukrainians, Portuguese people are special in game for many different reasons related to their culture/men...
Roger that.
#trocatiro means 'engage' literally saying what it really means. But the real meaning if we try to translate to ENG its 'duel vs me/us' :D Some expressions are dumb enough to be translated :D hope i...