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Which country
dont disrespect the goat
stfu all
lol nice
Polish people come here
i agree.. but have to say this north countries dont have emotions.. if u tilt a little but because of something they already cry u are toxic like little virgins.. Toxic people are everywhere, if u pla...
dont disrespect the goat
dont disrespect the goat
lol what is this cactus on ur flair? he is the goat, even without a single major he will be known for the best cs go player, who else? players like elige and brezhe are gods but if they dont perform a...
dont disrespect the goat
not all, he can rlly carry a lot with or without flashes.. check last map mirage but thats already a reason for people to shit on s1mple.. no reason
144 or 240hz??
i dont need google for this ok i was wrong with some pros still using 60hz but the difference is huge af, and ofc if u once playd 240 u dont want to play 60hz again because its bullshit, and if u want...
144 or 240hz??
poor albanian qoban no money
144 or 240hz??
ofc its ok even some pros play 60hz but if u switch to 240hz u will never stop to play again its very very big difference
144 or 240hz??
lmao after i switch from 60hz to 240hz i felt like playing in cinema with 3D glasses maybe my eyes are inhuman
pros who deserve better
u think any tier 1 team wants zywoo? if u want a player like zywoo u need to change everything because hes shining cause vitality bait for him, drop for him.. play for him
pros who deserve better
lol he speak okey english, but hes fine with vitality, they bait for him, they drop him awps and playing pistols.. zywoo made by vitality
overrated plays
s1mples play was amazing to watch maybe u didnt watch the game but not just nitro, everyone was like wtf is going on, its something new and it work out so ofc not overrated, the olof defuse is overrat...