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Is this idiot trolling? He's literally turned coL into a top 5 team and they were a joke beforehand for years lol. Go to bed or go play Valorant. Idiot.
f0rest is legend
Thing is, that brazilian trio fucking sucks and f0rest has a 1.12 rating playing agaisnt top teams
Fallen: The Truth
Doubtful. They can't touch FURIA and neither trk or kNgV- are top talent.
"FaZe.FalleN" threads
I find it funny people say Fa<llen's IGL is "oudating" yet cannot elaborate as to why is calls are no longer effective. I'll tell you a little secret: Not even Nexa could do better with that core, bec...
Fallen: The Truth
Add Boom players? That will just ruin a solid team and MIBR will suck with two underwhelming players in trk and kNgV-
Oxford Vaccine "side effects"
I've taken all the vaccines recommended by the NHS here and I'm pro-vax 10000%. However, I won't take any covid vacc for years.
Oxford Vaccine "side effects"
Agreed +1
Fallen: The Truth
Well, I expect too much from HLTArds who can only spam and give a two word rebuttal.
Death penaliy in 1st world countries
Uh, no. Furthermore, I'd have no issues being poor if that really were the case. What I do have a problem with are losers like the brezit retard above, who's got an average job at best, and barely fin...
Death penaliy in 1st world countries
I never claimed it was. What are you on about? I don't approve of the death penalty in the US because their justice syustem is a joke. The moral aspect becomes secondary.
Death penaliy in 1st world countries
Your poor, broke ass in a nutshell https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BX5ToD6z1OU&ab_channel=VRandomz Feel free to come here during the summer. I mean, if you could actually afford it =)
Death penaliy in 1st world countries
Not sure what point you're trying to make when I point blank told you I agree with the stance that life imprisonment is far more barbaric.
Death penaliy in 1st world countries
Have you seen his grammar? The moron is probably drunk and barely has 5 cents in his pocket. Moreover, the typical brit HS dropout believes every portuguese is akin to their 4th grade coworker. I ha...