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ence fans twofaced
But haters are going to keep spamming their unfaithfulness if team performs bad. I have pretty much nothing to say, when we win well do it big. I could speculate for 2000 words about this, but why wou...
ence fans twofaced
Wtf, im standing behind my team no matter what, only people making noise from something are those who in the first place didnt have any interests of ENCEs games unless they win. Loyal fans wont let th...
NRG vs Natus Vincere
Well they did choose it, lets see how it goes this time.
Thorin's PICK EM
Yes i agree that it does not mean much if you go 3-0. But you have to give some value to players/teams performances in Legends stage. ENCE easily won #2 Vitality in two maps. NRG won #3 Astralis 2-0 ...
Thorin's PICK EM
I dont understand this guy. In his prediction video he gives absolutely no value to New Legends or Challengers stages. So he refuses using most recent data. Then he also ignores anything that has happ...
Quarter Finals Today
If this would be the case (which I highly doubt) their secondary pick is going to be Mirage. Just give one good reason why would they end up picking Dust2.
Quarter Finals Today
Renegades pick Dust2. What are you talking about, do you think they want to go 2-0. Against ENCE their pick should be Inferno which they seem to pick always when its possible and its also ENCEs "not s...
NRG vs Natus Vincere
NaVi suck on Mirage so hard? DOUBT [X] Its their best map if u look at statistics from last 12 months 23 / 0 / 9 - 71.9% I think it should be their #1 map when playing against NRG
ENCE vs Renegades
First of all Im not looking into last 3 month statistics. More like last year stats including picks and bans, what shows that RNG has played Mirage & Inferno more than all other maps counted together ...
ENCE vs Renegades
Inferno is only map where RNG could have double digits if they start as CT, which they wont since they are ones picking that map. I dont understand how they can be pro team and not playing Overpass. O...
NRG vs Natus Vincere
NRG ban Inferno NaVi ban Vertigo NRG pick Nuke NaVi pick Mirage NRG ban Overpass NaVi ban Dust2 Train was left over __ Hard to see the dark side, as NaVi hasnt been playing in online events.
Who will be major champion?
NRG, ENCE or Liquid/Astralis match winner could do it. I have no idea, but doubt it would be anyone else than one of those four teams.
Your biggest idol?
Ronnie O'Sullivan
Major Playoffs
Vitality has just lost to DreamEaters, Syman and ENCE. Would make whole pro scene look like trash if after that they ended up winning major. Losing to ENCE is fine since they and NRG have been only tw...
Old players which play good.