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cuz their idol is s1mple?
question for s1mple
there wasn't any major for 2 years let him play atleast 1 in fom he is rn and then we can talk
Liquid smart?
ahahahaha they bring in washed up fallen, smart my ass
Blamef unjustified hate
blamef fans shouting that he's the best igl and he's baiting only good for the team!! now show me where fans of boombla saying the same, but difference is that boombla lifts trophy and baitf ain't
m0nesy TO NAVI
instead of boombla cuz hE hAs bAd StAtS
ZywOo top1 still ?
atleast take some effort
Top20 half of 2021 by Petr1k
bro i still can't find any reason to place them under players like kscerato, naf, baitf etc
Blamef unjustified hate
NOONE SAYING THAT BOOMBLA TOP1 IGL unlike baitF fans but boombla also gets a lot of unreasonable hate so that's why he's top4 igl as of rn
Top20 half of 2021 by Petr1k
why low iq ppl with a lot of followers allowed to do such a braindead list
Top20 half of 2021 by Petr1k
lmao achievements are not irrelevant especially if u not even making playoffs which half of the list didn't, i'm pretty sure furia players played in eu events and were making playoffs unlike some fluk...
kick aunkere? are u lost ur mind lmao, agree with the others tho
Top20 half of 2021 by Petr1k
elec and b1t won 4 tournaments is enough to place over some bots like naf who didn't even have 2 playoffs and dont forget last lan
Top20 half of 2021 by Petr1k
yes only one are u brain damage?
Top20 half of 2021 by Petr1k
noone cares also naf over b1t KEKW