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FaZe vs ENCE
I think its unfair that FaZe has to play the best team in the world on the opening match :S Who made the seeds for this tournament?!? EFFORTLESS4ENCE
feel like slave
It depends, not every job can be done in fewer hours like for example if you're an operating surgeon then your job day can sometimes justifiably be as long as necessary. However our economies have cre...
feel like slave
It's just as "productive" as an 8 hour work day. Plus why the hell should we ALL have to work for 8 hours standard every day if 5 hours would be enough to keep things rolling. Also working more is doi...
HellRaisers vs North
They are really good and that smaller dude has good knowledge of cs for a caster at least. They are my favorite duo right now.
HellRaisers vs North
I love these casters!
Liquid looks much better now and steel didnt have better stats really...
steel wasnt "a lot better".
Astralis ruined CS
It's not only correct, it is the best and most skilled CS ever. They have insane players, next level team play, setups, innovation, game sense, utility usage. They have the best clutcher in the world....
Astralis ruined CS
Ruined? Astralis is playing the most beautiful CS ever, its simply amazing to watch!
KICK TACO ?!?!??!?!?
MIBR was bad in the end with TACO too, but I agree that TACO has been better in Liquid (but not much)
woxic is bad
Every pro player is a choker then, that happens to literally every single one of them at some point. This is woxic's first big stage game I believe and it's against Liquid, who are a top3 team in the ...
Faceit level 10 xDDD
low elo bob :DD
NinjaServ vs Dark Tigers
Tomkeejs called me a cheater and wanted me to get aids so I guess theyre pretty bad haha
Astralis Hate
If you weren't dogshit at cs you'd appreciate Astralis playstyle. Its the most effective and beautiful CS ever played pretty much, FaZe is good but much, much weaker.
Show your 10/10 girl
Dont worry about that, I was just wondering if you were studying law and if so I could just call you a little "fuksi" :)