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Major in Russia
How was Krakow shit? lol
Major in Russia
Polish crowd is the best
smooya racist and toxic asf?
I wrecked him on faceit and he called me a cheater LUL
Nicest flags on hltv?
What does your flag represent? Apart from Apartheid regime and war crimes
Everyone hate gambit
Reported for racism.
cold is the best player ever
This is the truth, no denying it.
coldzera G.O.A.T
Only if you count 1.6
best css players?
They werent that big in Source, newfag
Veganism mental disorder?
So you're saying there is no way to be on a 'healthy diet' without eating meat? :D Stop trolling retard! Not disastrous? Responsible for 51% of annual worldwide GMG emissions. Wrong again :)
Veganism mental disorder?
On your first point, yes you are absolutely right. But unless you have an idea on how to destroy capitalism this is the only immediately affecting way. I dont like it either but apathy is much worse ...
Veganism mental disorder?
You dont know how I live so thats a weirdly confident assumption from you. Actually meat industry is de facto responsible even by the most conservative accounts of about 30% of all emissions in the w...
Veganism mental disorder?
This is just plain wrong and you have absolutely zero sources to back that up. As expected!
Veganism mental disorder?
The cows are going to die (by being eaten) anyways so I dont really understand this logic. That was perhaps the dumbest thing I've ever heard. The idea is not to "kill all the cows" but to manage the ...
Worst players in pro scene
pronax is the worst, by far.
How stop SK?
This was their 4th tournament in a row so they were exhausted, SS could've antistratted them for weeks for the opening match (I dunno if they did or didnt), they lost pistols and first gun rounds. XAN...