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s1mple HATERS
FPL players are irrelevant, he's cleaned up his act around pros, racism towards Germans is completely justifiable, and he paid back everyone he scammed for knives.
Because Silvers peek the AWP one at a time with no flashes, smokes or mollies, and then die. So it's OP.
China eat well please
And when wine starts causing pandemics I'll tell the French to cut it out. Until then, China, get your shit together, eat food that doesn't mess everything up.
I guess your MM rank
close, dmg
I guess your MM rank
400 DPI, 1.2 in game Glaive Mousesports 1500 or so Inferno NF, Guccihighwaters or Starset, depending on mood
I get what you mean, like that game on Vertigo vs MIBR where he died in the first 15 seconds 4 rounds running, and only one of those was tradeable. You can't just give away entries like that, especial...
Oh yeah, I forgot EG and Vitality. I'm mostly writing off ENCE and Furia because they don't look like they're anywhere close to doing it again, but you're right
True, just look at Mouse and Fnatic beating them in the tail-end of 2019. Liquid is better than those teams - just not vs Astralis
mousesports vs G2
Astralis vs Liquid
FaZe 16-2 Astralis at irrelevant Blast event. Astralis 32-2 FaZe at top tier IEM tournament, and win the tournament harder than anyone has ever won a tournament.
Demise vs ENZO
So Xantares should have just accepted shit results and shit pay "for the scene"? He did what he should have done. If you're better than your country's scene, leave it and find a place that can keep up...
bot_right fan boys
You can respect the legend and accept he's trash in 2019.
Liquid vs Astralis
Elige 20 kills in first half 2 in second lmao
CS GO is Broken
That would have missed on 128 tick as well lmao. If you spam the bullets don't go where you point. That's not down to whether the game checked every 0.008 seconds or every 0.016 seconds, that's down t...