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All that money comes (directly or indirectly) from viewers. Ofc winning helps but basically they are entertainers. Anyway, my point is that that was basically risk free situation, they had like 13 map...
Asking out 200 girls social experiment.
If that's what you wanna do go for it. You have nothing to lose my friend. But imo 200 in a day is too much, I would divide that number for a week or two.
Asking out 200 girls social experiment.
Ignore everything else except this "once you imprint that all women are human and that there's no need for you to become nervous and stutter". Confidence is all you need. And if you don't come out as...
And what the fuck was that save in nuke (1v3)? Ok it's a smart play but come on, they were like 15-2 up at that point. Just give it a go and entertain us, that's what you are paid to do.
R8 Finnish popular streamer
He's right though
finland come
Rymättylän pärinäniemi
stopped reading at your flag
Do u wear mask?
I totally understand. Being ugly sucks. I'm a very handsome dj and I hate seeing ugly people in the front row who don't cover their ugly faces. Thank you for caring about us others=)
It's actually true and pretty hilarious. Aleksi knocked up allu's wife and now allu is raising aleksi's child, what a cuck.
It was a smart move. They didn't have a chance at qualifying to major and now they have good excuse.
OG vs G2
Zehn has secured a spot and either Ence or OG is guaranteed to qualify (assuming no unexpected point deductions) edit. Ence will qualify only if North loses to Godsent. See #40 for details about OG's...
OG vs G2
OG will qualify if: -North loses to godsent or -OG wins G2 or -OG loses to G2 and doesn't end up last of the remaining teams In other words, OG has to win one more match or if they don't, North has t...