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r8 finnish song
Wise choice
r8 finnish song
Fun fact: the artist was inspired by Ence's win over Navi in IEM Katowice so he made this song. The lyrics are about shooting Russians between the eyes.
r8 finnish song
Good song but I like this more
God exist
Are we talking about the guy who sacrificed himself in order to save us from himself?
Flat Earth Stream
I made a drawing about the equinox sun angles. Here you go: So from every latitude the sun rises directly from the east, but at the same time it is overhead in equator. The...
Flat Earth Stream
maybe tell me what you think
Flat Earth Stream refraction demonstrated
Flat Earth Stream
Sorry I was doing other stuff. I don't go into the space travel because, as you said, it doesn't prove the shape of the earth. Usually the reason (according to mainstream science) for seeing too far ...
Flat Earth Stream
Hi men! I don't know if you are serious or trolling (because there are a lot of people trolling in FE community) but I'd like to ask you something: What is the best single proof/evidence that earth is...
Christians come
Go to change your name, now.
Christians come
Not great, not terrible.
Earth is 6 k years old
Well we know for sure that it's not evidence for Noah's flood so that leaves us millions of years. Actually billions but whatever.
rate nordic countries
Oh forgot about those, frigging unreal places. But that is a bit like saying France is beautiful based on the Guadeloupe islands. So my point is now: based on mainland only: Norway>rest of the nordic.
rate nordic countries
That is very rude sir. But as I've been to Norway many times I totally understand the reaction when some cunt thinks Denmark is more beautiful.
Finnish users in HLTV
"I am a communist" "the problem is that so many in Finland, like anywhere else, dont really understand politics" This made me laugh, thanks man :DD