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What do you think Olof will do??
Yeah pretty much +1 to most comments here. I just hope that when he comes back he moves away from FaZe as since he joined he’s just been so quiet socially. I really feel like the move took away a lot ...
What do you think Olof will do??
This is true. I miss the guy’s streams, I genuinely get the feeling he never particularly wanted to be at FaZe in the first place
Show the man some respect for fuck's sake.
-Olof when???
Fuck sake this is pathetic. You get overwhelmingly disagreed with each time you post this same thread. Everyone and their dog has explained why “muh stats” don’t take into account the actual play of t...
Olof rating vs mouz.
Let’s just let the games do the talking then. Surely even you must be bored of this same discussion every time they play now?
Olof rating vs mouz.
There’s always some excuse eh. His numbers have been decent for quite a few games in a row now, and his play is improving. He’s gaining confidence- he has always had the ability, and he will rise agai...
Olof rating vs mouz.
1.35, what a rating for my boo x This is several good performances in a row now. Might be time to start thinking about what we’ve all said ;)
Olof rating vs mouz.
Olof rating vs movistar riders???
Olof rating vs G2.
Yet another one of these threads from you. I really do at this point have to question whether your entire presence on HLTV revolves around despising olof - him and Broky were singlehandedly keeping Fa...
OLOF not kicked :(
This also. Look at Olof’s ratings when he was playing AWP and other positions, it’s really noticeable how their style punishes particular players unless the aimers win their duels
OLOF not kicked :(
I can somewhat agree. I’m the same, I got into the game in 2015 and he’s been my favourite player since that point and inspired me to get into it. I don’t think he’s a good fit for FaZe- but I don’t t...
OLOF not kicked :(
I must ask p0mpouS, is your flair a joke or are you actually a fan of olof? Just asking before I voice my opinion
Astralis vs FaZe
Copenhagen Flames vs North
Aged like wine