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"muh impact"
True, real impact can't be measured by HLTV, only watching games and demos, we can get idea about real impact. And, of course, impact of calling by IGL will never be measurable this way.
C9 game
Sure, Kalinka isn't the best IGL there you can get with such money, and he may lack recent experience on highest professional scene, but I'm sure that he can guide them.
C9 game
Definitely not top tier, but I'll be happy to see this: Kalinka - IGL EspiranTo - RIfle ropz - Lurk Broky - AWP Bymas - Entry
Igling in pugs
simple proof that s1mple dominated 2020
Actually you almost made me think this way, but still think HLTV will give it to ZyWoo.
TOP 20 so far
Good predictions for you. Noone of these guys was on my top-20 list.
#20 PLAYER OF 2020
I wish there was YEKINDAR, as he was extremely good this year, yet has no other chances to be higher/
Eastern europeans and homophobia
It is their problem with us, not the other way.
I think he can end up in top-10, he did awesome this year, even though it started hard for him
my top 20
Pretty interesting, but I am sure Shox won't be able to get to top-20. Maybe someone like mir or both of yours 20th place, or TeSeS. (Ofc, if you count stats as primary thing)
ZywOo Prediction
I agree. Unless, two things happen: 1) Fame or money with contract up to 2024 will spoil him and make a complete opposite of what he is now. 2) Someone else will rise out of nowhere as ZyWoo himself d...
Why Twistzz to EXTREMUM would kick ass
For Twistzz I think better can be to try to stick with Gen.G guys, and find captain for them to perform well. Maybe (If they a re truely desperate) - pick some old guy like Get_Right as they might be ...
My Top-20
Truely impactful player and awesome cap, but not the best for individual capabilities. In addition - he haven't played for like 4 month and wasn't properly on the scene/
My Top-20
There are a lot of people who deserve the spot, as we have an online era, where we can barely compare people due to region division. Ax1le, Ethan, jkaem, maka, Nievera, RPK, Farlig - and many more oth...
My Top-20
He wasn't bad, he had some troubles in late spring-early summer (And failed blast in february so hard I thought back at that time that es3tag suppose to take his place) when his teammates left to rest...