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Buying a new chair
Search for a second hand herman miller or steel case please 2. You can search on your country or try with or ebay. Try to sit on them before you buy them, because depending o...
No idea about csgofast, but the trick is they pay you a lot less than in steam market if you sell.
Stock Investing
Invest in education and happiness. You're not gonna turn into a billionaire by investing $1000 on stock market.
Stock Investing
Bymas good?
Olofmeister? :D I really don't know, to play on those positions they should go for a RPK style player that could win time for the rotation and play sites alone but my feeling is that having Niko, Cold...
Bymas good?
He has insane spray control. He's new on Tier 1 and he's left on Olof spots, where you need to be smart to play there but he don't have that baggage. When he played more freely and without that amount...
He still gets 93k plus most of the public services for free. It sounds like a great deal.
You should be able to return a yearly salary on 5-6 years using 15-20% of your monthly salary. If you move to another place, maybe in less time because 3k is not that much.
What do you mean? They have 25% tax but most of the eu countries have around 20% so is not that different.
Antifa in Poland getting more violent
Great, so we should kick poland from EU since you spend all the money we give you in roads instead than education and respect.
s1mple BANNED
He was banned on csgo not on cs 1.6 or source and not just one, but two times in a row. He won a duel tournament from ESL against shox and all the pros while using hacks. So they banned him and while...
Upgrade Pc or Buy new one? *PC EXPERTS HELP
Which games do you play? If you only use pc for csgo and some other shit your pc is perfectly fine, uploading to 8*2 16gb of ram and 500gb ssd it's enough to improve a lot your daily work while spendi...
I think you forget one important thing on csgo, that's a game where you need to be in focus for a big period of time while playing plus you need to do quick reactions and decisions. That's fucking exh...