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electronic lol
He's a good player but no way he's better than baitF or Ropz. Not on 2020.
4:3 1400x1080 is better than 4:3 1280x960
They prefer to see the game like cs 1.6 believing that if they copy S1mple config they will go from silver to level 10 in no time. Play mm or mid faceit lvl lowering everything is retarded.
Robban new faze coach
Olof wanted to play on a more relaxed team like T2 or something were he can help more, but maybe he changed his mind since some months ago.
Rank is gone / changed
It's not about smurfing or not, if you don't play for one month you lose your rank and when you play a new match they decide if you're still on the same rank or something lower depending on your stats...
NiKo streaming with G2 lineup
These pugs are not official matches, so they can loose because they are trying random strats without caring if they kill or not. If this was on a tournament they would win any day.
NiKo streaming with G2 lineup
Niko and the team wanted an IGL since NEO left but faze management bring none. That's the story. Maybe they decided to don't go for Aleksib because Allu said bad things about him or whatever, but Faze...
Faze karrigan
Imagine Coldzera sleeping on the hotel next to Twistzz and his waifu pillow. Can't wait.
ZywOo about dev1ce
"And even the player himself, I like.” What about the guy himself, Mathieu? Do you have Tom Cruise underwear posters on your room?
First car advices
Buy a car with 4 doors, you'll thank me later. Having 2 doors is cool, but not practical at all, specially if you stay with the same car for 8-10 years and maybe by then you have family or even a dog,...
New CS:GO update
4vs5 being 3-0 down and with no bot to use when the first teammate dies, it makes it impossible to win against any team that has more than 2 brain cells.
New CS:GO update
That's why the smart decision was to use bots if someone disconnect but remove a player if you kick someone. This has no sense at all.