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FaZe ERA will end cs
Vitality with Shox will be the same bunch of silver losers with Zywoo saving some rounds.
AWP nerf
AWP nerf is called SSG 08. Your welcome.
Audio-technica, V-moda, AKG... go an try them yourself, they will sound a little different, so it depends on your taste and your budget, but music and csgo will sound better than gamer headphones.
ENCE stupid roster move
3. Maybe he have more firepower, but he's not better for the team. It's like you play basketball with 2 playmakers because they do more points than your pivot or do you play with no defense because ...
Men u noooooooooooooob nooooooooooooooob nooooooooooooooob team When your team lose the first 2 rounds and everybody have more kills than him.
Best Faze solution?
Do you follow Faze games or you just saw them on the major?:\ Niko is much better and solid than Olofmeister right now. Olof performs nice 1 every 10 games, the other 9 he's below average player. Whi...
I cant level up at faceit
Youtube is full of videos of people showing you typical silver mistakes, how to play mirage, Easy smokes for cache, grenades on inferno... Try to watch those, practice aim on training maps and try to ...
566k viewers XD
This August was the month with more unique players in CSGO, specially because there's a lot of new Chinese players, but of course, CSGO is dead. Avangar on the final, no drops, multiple streamings, s...
New NaVi
-Coldzera joins the game. -NAVI players: Ruski? U Ruski? Cyka
Astralis boring to watch?
They did a perfect execution, that's super interesting to watch. I could understand that's boring if you don't know csgo or you don't care about competitive because you only play casual, but is csgo a...
Poor neo
NEO played fine, but the thing is NEO doesn't fit the team playstyle. He overthinks the plays and play very slowly while Faze use to be more dynamic. Niko specially feel super out of place this majo...
Niko and Hunter play a lot of games together just for fun. There are a lot of streams out there playing together with olof, rain, guardian, pasha...on private servers. I don't see the news here.
ENCE vs Renegades
Totally agree. Renegades is playing really nice. Is true that ENCE looks better, specially for a BO3, but I'm pretty sure it will be a close match.