If you are reading this you have been baited
Im sorry mens <3

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Im a very smart mens with 200+ IQ
smartest hltv user

Some say im smart, some say im addicted to hltv, i like both.

Ask me anything

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30/10/2019 Banned 1 day for saying "Cheat"
24/11/2019 Banned 1 day for saying "It starts with F and ends with avela which word is it?"
02/12/2019 Banned 3 days for saying "NT pidar"
31/12/2019 Banned 2 days for saying "Ignore the favelas"
09/01/2020 Banned 4 days for saying "AWPidar"

Restrictions :
16/12/2019 You cannot post more than 150 replies per day

PC specs : GTX 1070, Ryzen 5 3600, 16gb ram 3000mhz, couple of ssd's

Csgo shit : DPI 12000, sens 0,04, Rank : Mg2 <- No hate xoxo
U can 1v1 me if u want!!!

If you want a free sand dune just send me ur trade link xaxa

Worst threads : Height topics omg

Best threads : bait threads

Jonathan E>god

Best csgo quotes:
"Green, green what is your problem green me say alone ramp me say alone ramp" ~ Tense

"Motherfuckers have cheats" ~ Random streamer girl

"Dont mind the sound guys its just my aimlock" ~ Flusha

Have a nice days men

Fuckkk religion!!!!
Fuck libtards!!!!
Fuck socialists!!!

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