If you are reading this you have been baited
Im sorry mens <3

nt im actually global and faceit lvl 10
i'm also a dj who makes 32k/month and sleeps with models regularly

Don't insult others

Poorlack, Burger, Favela, retard, faggot, etc.

How much did you tag the wall for?

Maybe turn on your monitor before you start playing.

Opening your eyes help with your bad aim.

Im a very smart mens with 200+ IQ
smartest hltv user

Some say im smart, some say im addicted to hltv, i like both.

Ask me anything

hit me up ->

30/10/2019 Banned 1 day for saying "Cheat"
24/11/2019 Banned 1 day for saying "It starts with F and ends with avela which word is it?"
02/12/2019 Banned 3 days for saying "NT pidar"
31/12/2019 Banned 2 days for saying "Ignore the favelas"
09/01/2020 Banned 4 days for saying "AWPidar"
23/01/2020 Banned 4 days for saying ''Norway much better than ####hole brazil''
03/02/2020 Banned 2 days for saying ''+1 Million''
21/02/2020 Banned 4 days for saying ''+1''

Restrictions :
16/12/2019 You cannot post more than 150 replies per day

Jonathan E>god

Best csgo quotes:
"Green, green what is your problem green me say alone ramp me say alone ramp" ~ Tense

"Motherfuckers have cheats" ~ Random streamer girl

"Dont mind the sound guys its just my aimlock" ~ Flusha

Have a nice days mens

Corona is at 160k atm?


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