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Complexity vs mousesports
most interesting map in a long time good battle
AVANT vs Renegades
losing 3-16 on your pick omegalul
0°C or 30°C?
lmfao what is wrong with you people 30-35c is ideal temperature lol have fun with frostbite
dickstacy hate
+1 omegalul, dick top 1 entryfragger mens)))
Renegades vs mousesports
Stop replying to me. I do not care about you.
Renegades vs mousesports
Gee this game looks close, if only Dick didn't throw the round by sticking the plant in front of ChrisJ, should be a good game
ex-Genuine vs Shidiots
+1 omegalul
Renegades vs Sharks
"Jetlagged" nice meme peanutbrain, that was literally the last time they played tier 1 opponents, tell your parents that I'm sorry for the way their child turned out
Renegades vs Sharks
Both teams destroying their opponents' map picks lul
Renegades vs Sharks
Sharks used up all their clutches on Dust2 Lul Also: New meta sucks, lose T Pistol round but plant bomb and you have near full buy
Renegades vs Sharks
They beat Liquid and EG at Malmö lmfao you know nothing
Renegades vs Sharks
Yes, exactly like Renegades, but China gets spots into many many more tournaments than Australia. Champions Cup, Asia Championships, IEM Beijing, iLeague season 8 just to name a few, and these all hap...
Renegades vs Sharks
+1, Renegades get very little opportunity in OCE and Sharks have been making upsets, should be close game. Wish Renegades could at least play Tyloo who gets incredibly easy international spots which a...
Astralis vs Renegades
England ??????????