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fps game suggestions?
leftist stupidity
Well, if you think ppl should go to the streets for whatever reason, don't expect others to do it for you and do it yourself.
1.6 screen tearing
Use a higher refresh rate
1.6 things you would change
Not much. CS 1.6 is much better than CS:GO
Unfortunately bit and chelo are sub par, they can't be playing at this level right now. We know fnx, kng and felps can perform at top5 lvl, but to be a good team, every player needs to be on par. And...
240hz monitor
Doesn't matter. Use always the highest refresh rate available.
60 hz to 120hz
Well, play for a month and then try to go back to the crappy 60hz. Perception is trained, dude. Don't expect to really be able to use your perception unless you're trained to, used to.
Fer was much more impactful in the series than Cold. That's important.
Fer was much more impactful than Coldzera in this series against North.
England Cheating
Well, I'm a professional soccer referee who used to compete in soccer, not a clueless teenager like you. It was a very clear penalty.
England Cheating
It was a very clear penalty
Best mouse?
Mickey Mouse
oneplus 6
I'm interested too, since presales offer are getting around 430 Euros. I have the 3T 128gb and the 5. I like Oneplus products, obviously, but it's clear how they try to kill the old models with cra...
brazil and swedish people
I remember scoring 2-0 and being WC Champions yet again vs Germany. Congrats on your 7-1, it was amazing but means nothing when you compare to the world title.
is she a 10/10?