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big csgo update?
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Most OVERRATED anime of all time
my hero academia for sure
Operation probably on the way with dreams and nightmare case i would guess
Developers come
i mean they are similar, but i feel like c# is better and more user friendly in every aspect
i dont understand vaccine stuff!
i mean after most people got vaxxed in germany, the numbers dropped so far down that i don't even have to wear a mask at work anymore. I don't know what vaccine you guys got in isreal, but this is not...
i dont understand vaccine stuff!
you sound like a flat earther trying to convince everyone else that you are right and everyone else is wrong. I don't care if you get vaxxed but when i read something like "lol 2% leathal flu" it is ...
Developers come
i learned java, but i prefer c#
Developers come
c# is my favorite
Streamer obligations
question for vaccinated
its the same when someone in your team at csgo just afk spins at spawn instead of playing and says "Its insane how you eat everything your csgo rules throw at you. Just play and mind your own business...
atheist superiority complex
+1 we were forced to have religion in school even tho 0 people in my class believed in god, so much time lost, it is so dumb. And then you read stuff like #87 under every second youtube video and peop...
atheist superiority complex
+1 it might give you some benefits, but i feel like it hurts everyone else who doesn't
That vegan teacher
No, because the outcome you are expecting is getting better at/mastering that skill, which is happening. As #34 said
HLTV anime taste
Please note that this is only my opinion and you may enjoy the show(i also dropped it, so i didnt watch every season). But i thought it was pretty bad. + Good visuals and musik. - The characters di...
HLTV anime taste
I watched it, was very disappointed.