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Why i dont like Furia
yea... its like this ''rush b no stop my friends'' attitude plus actual skill to back it up :DD
Why i dont like Furia
i know right... its like a mix of brazilian and CIS cs... its new and i like it
Why i dont like Furia
i like furia... i dunno they bring smf new to the table when it comes to cs. but thats just my opinion
you talk like you are the voice of others... you are the voice of only yourself. u dont like device enough to ignore his skill- fine, but dont drag other people by typing ''we'' in front
Why democrats worship?
how is it closeminded? im saying that i dont like the left too lol.i just dont like him as a president... and he has run a controversial stance, extremely aggressive compaign. how can you not say he i...
Why democrats worship?
well im assumingg that everything ill say that is constructive you would jus dismiss it as fake news... there is a plague of fake news - thats true, but you guys are acting like its a new thing... im...
Why democrats worship?
nah trump sucks... biden sucks hilary sucks.... the bad outweigh the good in them. its really the question of who sucks less
Why democrats worship?
eeeh Biden or trump. why cant they choose someone who doesnt suck... thats my opinion :D
Why democrats worship?
I dunno if just expressing your opinion is considered entertainment, but to each is own. most people here are impressionable 13year olds. do you really think they can challenge your opinion in a cons...
Why democrats worship?
really? cant you watch like southpark or smf... or maybe i dunno throw eggs at peoples windows (if you want to be real adventurous)?
Why democrats worship?
yea... i dunno why baiting is '' a new hot popular'' thing right now... i mean cant you guys think of something actually funny... take me back to the days when every video was just a bait for ''never...
Why democrats worship?
lol ur an aleksib fan from azerbaijan... i think you have bigger struggles than to care about the most privileged country on the face of the earth
top 5 igl of all time
+1 solid list i would have said NEO but... yea NEO is top 6th
G2 Lineup
jackz is great... i doubt g2 would sell him tho
hes not smarter than anyone... hes just good enough player that organizations paied too much for... thats why they listen to him, because they look at his stats.hes a peanut brain, if he would be smar...