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India on hltv
chrisJ reitre?
Yes? Then name a better IGL for Mouz than him? You are probably the first person I've seen who's insisting on removal of Karrigan from Mouz. He was last kicked from FaZe. They have won 0 Tier 1 tour...
India on hltv
did an online European guy just acknowledged we have toilets?
chrisJ reitre?
Yeah? Check the stats. chris is constantly bottom scorer for team, and frozen being as inconsistent as he is, also ends up at bottom quite often. chris can do decent entry fragging, which is a plus po...
India on hltv
Ah ok. Idk if Soul is even top 5 world. But I think #24 meant player base
India on hltv
It sure is, China is a big reason why PUBG is still Top 3 on Steam! There is a different Chinese version of PUBGM, so I didn't count it lol
India on hltv
Then imagine not liking curry. OMEGALUL
tap water in your country
Overpopulation has to be controlled throughout the country, and not only Big Cities. Huge population in big cities is not even a big deal nowadays, but there are huge populations in villages, which is...
chrisJ reitre?
How exactly? He is great IGL nonetheless. It's because of him that Woxic and Ropz are able to carry. Also, Karrigan is regularly outperforming chrisJ and frozen
chrisJ reitre?
Only reason why Mouz is Top 10, other than woxic and ropz's talent, is Carrygan igl
best age for impregnate your women?
23-33 for Women 30-35 for Men
best bass guitar player?
India on hltv
Issa regional normie meme xD
India on hltv
The way it's going up, I think it'd be safe to invest in it lol
India on hltv
Curry as in food with, usually thick, spicy gravy. As above guy said, it's not curry chawal lol