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I will r8 your hobbies
Thanks. Best thing is that you can combine them. Example: skiing all day and then retire in some mountain cabin to drink, play guitar and sing with my friends. Best days by far!
I will r8 your hobbies
Hanging out and drinking with friends. Skiing. Guitar. Climbing.
Do you need university?
here i am :)
got a new car =)
No need for pressure sensors with Audi since they use a passive TPMS system (using the ABS sensor). The active TPMS system with individual wheel pressure sensors is only offered as an option on some m...
I R8 Your Car
Atm Skoda Octavia Combi but waiting delivery of my new Audi A4 2020
final worth watching
Didn't know Liquid was in the final
S1MPLE not #1
Jame probably 19 or 20.
S1MPLE not #1
Top 3 device/EliGE/ZywOo Battle for 4th s1mple/Magisk/Brehze
Vitality next move
Tbh I think Kenny should leave french scene and join something like FaZe
dev1ce, s1mple, ZyWoo, EliGE
EliGE was a favourite but with current Liquid dev1ce will take the crown, he has been high up on the list for many years and finally he deserves it, great stats, 2 majors with 1 MVP, many EVP, MVP at ...
Why would you convert bl4 to "itsch"? Not trying to be arrogant just maybe I missed one piece of the story.
Liquid 200 IQ
BO3 Astralis banned Vertigo only once, against Furia (to force them to pick between Nuke/Ovp) But you are right on the Mirage thing.
Explained here https://www.hltv.org/forums/threads/2153871/liquid-200-iq
Liquid 200 IQ
I aren't think that since Vertigobuilding is North's permaban. North forced to pick Dust or Ovp since their best map, Train, is Liquid permaban. Also I would not underestimate Lulquid in Vertigo just...