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did u get the vaccine?
What does those points even mean what was not loaded. Your links lead to over 3 million cases, add up all four vaccines and there isn't even a million. Just run the line listing as I said I cannot sen...
did u get the vaccine?
Well it is your choice but I think it isn't that experimental. The vaccine consists of substances and technologies that are proven and have been successfully used before, the vaccine also was tested a...
did u get the vaccine?
It's called natural selection but unfortunately it will take really long time.
did u get the vaccine?
They are not safe the virus will mutate among the people who are not vaccinated and there will be more mutations more and more resistant to our current vaccine. Also there will have to be restrictions...
did u get the vaccine? If you run the line listing with your link to "Moderna vaccine" you can see that there are cases that do not have to do anything with covid vaccines for...
did u get the vaccine?
did u get the vaccine?
Go to the link I sent, under "c" search for COVID and there are 4 links for each vaccine it is a direct link from the European database. Also, those are only suspected reactions which means that thos...
did u get the vaccine?
Those are reported deaths you definitely cannot just say that they were caused by the vaccine it is literally written on the first page...
did u get the vaccine?
If I go to the EudraVigilance website and access the data through their link the numbers are different I don't know what these data are there isn't even a description there... https://www.adrreports....
did u get the vaccine?
Yeah after #162 neither will I, there is no point to waste time with you ROFL. It is sad that it will take thousands of years before your breed will get eradicated by natural selection :"(
did u get the vaccine?
I wouldn't say it's a rare exception, the virus attacks all the organs in your body (as opposed to for example the viruses causing regular flu) and can damage them. The virus is more dangerous than pe...