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Is this word racist?
only other sjws/soyboys care about them lol but I assume sjws=soyboy
Virtus.pro vs NiP
Didn't watch game but I see get_right had another great performance lul
NBK- vs. rain
rain 1.01 odds Edit: unexpected ,boring major final again LUL
r8 my spotify playlist
I have nothing more to say to soyboy who wants attention and have high opinion of himself (based only of place of birth= 10IQ lower species) while being a closed minded dumbass so stfu bb /closed
1. no (garbage song) 2. no 3. baiter 4. faze 5. no 6. reading jordan peterson book 7. food 8. whore 9. 25-30min 10. USSR for sure they have to deal with much more german forces
FURIA vs Illuminar
hah not expected Sharks>Furia confimed ?
did liquid had an era?
Dominating couple of months without major =//= era
r8 my spotify playlist
nice arguments you just write down everything I was thinking about you ... and you didn't disappoint lol "feel so bad for you poland" that makes no sense at all expected from at max 17yo no life virgi...
r8 my spotify playlist
I just saw that lol you just prove that some swedes are tards n1 "Brainwashed" you are the one believing mainstream media I actually feel bad for you And its "censored" 50IQ /close
Japaleno vs Se7en
Japaleno braindead lvl = vp
Japaleno vs Se7en
No one saw that coming lootbet
forZe vs Japaleno
fake comeback and throw anyway kkkkkkkkkkkkk
Bananas per day
depends on size gachiBASS
forZe vs Japaleno
forze just throwing 1st map for food expected most likely 2-1
forZe vs Japaleno
Destroy Na'Vi/Ence on LAN 0-7 vs djl lol