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What is your objective/purpose in life?
Just to do what makes me happy and live life the way i want to. I really couldn't care less about "finding someone", i have nice friends and that's enough for me. Finishing my degree (despite actually...
The reasons why I hate silvers
Thank you so much for your services. As a fellow chicken farmer on Inferno, it triggers me when people fail to realize how helpful those chickens can be and if you treat them correctly, even when they...
New FaZe logo
It's for a merch collab they're doing with OpTic, it's not a permanent logo
G2 *HAVE* to win IEM Fall
G2 *HAVE* to win IEM Fall
Cuz it's FaZe cLAN
G2 *HAVE* to win IEM Fall
If FaZe doesn't win it, then it's gonna be Vitality or even OG, but i wouldn't even put my money on G2 to reach the semis
games that you regret installing (waste of download)
Nahhh dude, the game was so fucking bad xD not every COD is perfect except for BO2, what an absolute masterpiece of a game. I say Ghosts is the worst because the Multiplayer was terrible, the Campaign...
games that you regret installing (waste of download)
Apex Legends and Valorant. Apex because i just didn't like how the game feels, idk, i really liked Battle Royale games, played a lot of PUBG, Fortnite, H1Z1 (despite the mechanics being god awful, it ...
Vitality respect thread
I was just glad we got to see another S1mple vs Zywoo final, but Vitality really stepped up and made NaVi sweat for it, for a team that was previously underperforming to now face the no.1 team in the ...
GGs to NaVi, they deserved it and are by far the best team in 2021. It's so fucking great to see them play, even if no one is stepping up and putting up numbers on the board, the way they turn the gam...
Faze rekt
I mean, it makes sense for DBL to get a direct invite for the main event, they are currently in 9th place on the European Qualifier, meaning these guys could have already qualified as Challengers if n...
Lets name pro that disapeared
Dickstacy :((
Anthony_Savage LAUGH THREAD
He doesn’t shit on teams? That motherfucker hates FaZe with his whole hearth!! Go check his profile, his bio is basically an Anti-FaZe bible
Portugal explain
Some poor soul with anger issues. The thing is, he got famous on Twitch here in Portugal because of his rages. He even got to play with Fox once, got donations from the biggest names, got noticed by F...