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eg !!
EG is probably the flukest team to reach #1 imo
niko actually the best igl right now
There is a big possibility that Ga1ve and xy9 will be back for the major, they're taking a leave not retiring so well see about that :D, Astralis is probably my no.1 pick even tho I'd love too see Nik...
niko actually the best igl right now
Yeah you read it Rain sad it at the interview after the game.
niko actually the best igl right now
I think that Nitro is trying to work on his own form so Stew is calling rn
niko actually the best igl right now
No he's sometimes calling on his site (overpass) for him and broky
Golden the most trash tier 1 player of all time
0/8 it's common knowledge that Golden is a god
bymas GOD
Not only low quality but also low effort 0/8
Worst President
All of them.
Worst President
Vucic is Bosnian, Izetbegovic is Serbian....wanna trade?
Who is the NA GOAT?
Stanislaw 0 votes lmaoooooo
Bymas Haters
Imagine hating 16yo at his first proper professional career game, that's just fucking sad and toxic. Kid is going to be HUGE in the future, best off luck to him.
PIMP ???????????????????????????????????????
hahahahahahhahahahahahahhaha yeah I saw that, maden opening the door, one guy from other door crossing and one from ramp only place he wasn't getting flanked from was window ahahhahahahahahahahahahahh...
How to earn fast money ?
Insider trading is the best, drugs are the worst, unless you're well connected in the trade you're not going to make it selling drugs, they cost a lot to buy (the expensive ones) it takes a lot of tim...
How to earn fast money ?
Fuck I wanted to say that. +1
"Karrigan is good IGL"
Yeah and typical for finn is that he is very determined and what he really wants is to win a major it’s his dream therefore it is my dream for him to get that.