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English Class NA come Here
If you are looking for validation. Hltv is not the place
My Valorant Opinion (long)
Tick rate matters a lot. Hit registration is a heaven and hell difference. Idk what these guys are on about. I have a very twitchy aim style and can never manage to land juan deags on mm servers but m...
"I'm the real OG"
Ok serious response. It is not an acronym. It was something they just made up. In an interview notail was asked what it stood for and he joked "Orangutan ganjas". So if you really want to go with som...
I aren’t the
Leaf is a cheater
Their is a case to be made for a lot of players if they are semi pro or play tier 99 lans. But players in top 30- 40 teams with stable careers and top tier lans to attend im inclined to give them the ...
Leaf is a cheater
Yes we know for a fact that s1mple cheated in esl. Flusha was also heavily speculated to be cheating. So its not a stretch to imagine that pro players can cheat. Especially in lower tiers and players ...
Leaf is a cheater
If he cheated then it’s just a temporary problem. He will vanish forever
GG WP Vitality
I respect you my friend.
Vitality vs BIG
Lmao next year mate if big is still relevant post covid.
Vitality vs BIG
Mirage is there weakest map. That was 14-16 with a good chance of being 15-15... wouldn't say it is that big a deal but admittedly mirage can be a bit of an issue against stronger teams.
oh no
It looks how it should
BIG vs Vitality
Not even then. They were very mediocre. Maybe worse because they were still coping with misutaa and apex changes. They have been somewhat good only last two events which was what 1 month I guess?
BIG vs Vitality
What is wrong with acknowledging weakness??
BIG vs Vitality
I think vitality takes this with a slight marginal edge 2-1 and HLTV will up in arms with crying Lucktality threads.
BIG vs Vitality
That is not a fair comparison. They were shit back then anyway