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thanks men, i think i will go see a therpist and maybe get some pills, the fear is really getting annoying overtime
nah i never enjoyed those videos i was actually scared of them, but everybody is interested on things like that its like when you see a car crash, i actually tried to skip parts when people get hurt. ...
yes i could actually say i have a really boring life, i dont do much after work and even my work is monotonous/boring, and besides my family i have really not many friends, i do have friends but no on...
holy shit dude, that literally describes what im going through, thank you so much, this kinda helps me
thats the problem i dont know, all i think of is it might disturbing videos that i have watched back then when i was bored. even tho i barely remember any of them, the thought of being traumatized sca...
23, and no everything is the same, i feel like i have watched to many disturbing videos since i was so bored back then and shit might be hunting me now. even tho i pretty much cant even remember any o...
thats why i dont go to doctor because i dont want to feel like im under drugs. im trying to fight it on my own but its hard men.
FaZe vs Astralis
mad lions are an upcoming dangerous team, they are similar to avangar when they were at their peak. they can easily upset tier 1 teams. but you need to watch their games to realize that, oh wait you a...
1600 EUROS
he is from turkey.
TL gonna lose again vs FaZe
of course, but nice try maybe next time you get them all correct :)
TL gonna lose again vs FaZe
thats not the entire screenshot :)
TL gonna lose again vs FaZe
now its time for you to start betting :)
imagine kicking broky instead of olof. i love olof but he is nowhere near broky in comparison