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Fnatic free title, thank you Astralis
at the end its still csgo, sometimes luck also plays its role and with tight matches where the individualls are pretty much all at the same level, you shouldnt really say its a free win, thats delusio...
Wtf were you thinking?
unlucky you, cant delete hltv accounts, otherwise i bet you would be gone already lmao. you marked yourself definitly as the most cringest and braindead hltv user with this thread.
just checked your profile its so cringe and bad, cry is free
Woxic as much potential as Zywoo
read correctly "doesnt have that game sense" means he hasnt the the same game sense like zywoo
Woxic as much potential as Zywoo
no, its like you said woxic doesnt have that game sense, thats the thing
sad that you turks are the first to turn your backs on him once he doesnt play to his level.
coach told him something at the start of the round maybe to rush?
they need jame he would fit perfectly
Na'Vi last chance
you clearly dont watch any forze matches than
WOX?C TOP 10 This year
far from top 10? https://www.hltv.org/stats/players?startDate=2018-12-07&endDate=2019-12-07&rankingFilter=Top20
HLTV blocking
i know that but sometimes its also interesting to have a discussion about something without someone that constantly tries to bait you into a nonesense boring repeating troll post, also i dont even min...
HLTV blocking
/opened noticed your name /closed
HLTV blocking
good, anything else? i dont even care what you say im not even reading it properly since i know you from your other posts already, pointless discussion, i will try the method of reading the notifcatio...
HLTV blocking
dude i always see you under so many hltv threads and 90% of the time you are typing some toxic shit without any context, its not only about this particular post.
HLTV blocking
you are a nice example of what i actually mean with it thanks for stopping by