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Device and xyp9x out?
S1mple recently said that Navi played practices with Astralis and he is shocked by new Astralis roster. If they really kicked Device that would be biggest mistake that org made. He is one of the best...
Top 5 aimers right now
Ax1le has to be here. Insane AIM, spray control and mechanical skills in general.
Gambit fix
That's way better. Fl1t just murdered VP yesterday. But Flit fits better in Navi.
Gambit fix
I don't think Flamie is better than interz. At least not better support than interz for sure.
Gambit fix
Sh1ro is way better individual player than Jame. Jame's value is that he is IGL. But Gambit has better IGL in Nafany.
European Super League (football)
UEFA can't influence domestic championships. It's corrupted money scamming swiss monopoly org.
European Super League (football)
Nah. UEFA and FIFA are nothing but a money scamming MONOPOLY!
European Super League (football)
It won't affect domestic tournements. They only want to replace Champions League / UEFA with their own tournement. UEFA makes less money than MLB, NBA and MUCH LESS than NFL. How the hell is that? To...
You are just mad Galatasaray, Ferbahce etc. aren't part of this elite clubs league. LOL.
RIP football
Not really. Nothing will change, they will just replace Champions League with Super League and make much more money.
SuperLeague > UEFA
UEFA is European Organization who host and organize annual European tournements (Champions League and Europa League). It shares it's revenue money equal with all participants and takes a lot for thems...
SuperLeague > UEFA
Nah. UEFA makes money thanks to Big clubs and underpaying them. This has to be stopped. They deserve more. NFL make 16 Billian dollars revenue per year, meanwhile CL only 2-3 Blns per year. Stop fee...
UEFA about "Super League"
Agree. UEFA is a trash org, making money out of top clubs.