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Girl slide into IG dm's
Imagine, if she is being that so easy, flirting with you, don't you think she will do the same to other men even if she supposedly is ur gf/married, whatever? There's a difference of being easy and so...
Girl slide into IG dm's
Easy girls are the worst. Believe that. Walk away like the plague
Pls help this noob here
Hmm, but isn't EPL being hosted on USA? Aren't teams in the USA rn? Or are they playing from their "gaming offices", etc?
Deserved bettor... hope u learn the lesson
+1, Sad but true
Flashpoint or thorin?
kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk You're in denial jerman, just like ur beloved ginger. Jeez, this one is spitting fire LOL
Flashpoint or thorin?
I don't care about MiBR, they're a joke... everyone knows it. But so is Thorin and Flashpoint. Stop being mad at it and accept it jerman
Flashpoint or thorin?
kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk Why are you so mad jerman? Read #1 again and cry
Flashpoint or thorin?
That's a great question, actually... Both are trying hard to prove themselves which is the worst kkkkkk
More cases in USA and Italy than in China
I'm not saying they have full responsibility, but in the case of China, they are hiding many things, intentional. No country in the world is identifying confirmed cases effectively. My country for exa...
More cases in USA and Italy than in China
Of course they aren't being honest with their numbers. C'mon, it's more than 1 billion people living in there, so you can imagine the damage that has been done there
More cases in USA and Italy than in China
Dude, there is some random threads in some forums out there saying that in Semptember 2019 China was supposed to have more than 100k cases. If that's a lie, I don't know, but the current numbers for C...
Favorite music band ?
Imagine Dragons
fk1 or fk2 help
fk2 period. fk1 are for hands larger than 19/19.5cm
turkey is next italy
Stay safe out there bro...