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NRG top 1 NA
+1 Still underrated somehow, those guys are talented af, everybody can frag it's unreal, bright future ahead of them.
Is God real
ye bro I'm fucking blind, but the brain is hella crazy and makes up for that
Is God real
Is God real
following this logic if u don't want to ho to heaven just be the worst asshole 4Head
Is God real
maybe it's like a simulation where the dev test humans, and the best ones in terms of performance get to another better simulated world
Is God real
nah nature is pretty neat ngl, I still don't know what the objective of the simulation is tho, maybe just testing us humans for the next simulated world
Sharks vs NRG
Easiest 2-0 I've ever predicted, NRG top 1 soon
Is God real
we live in a simulation, so there is a main dev, call him god, Allah whatever you want, but he's out there.
GL the org doesn't want to go full swedish because they want scream for the clout, the team obviously want to speak swedish, GL pressured them by kicking the manager and the coach, the team is pressur...
IEM Sydney Major
>shit timezone >Sydney is more more fun than serious
New Complexity WTF
keep obo and jks and add some actual good players, (NBK-kio..) test JDM to see if he's lying or if he's actually good
How to save dying game
support from volvo, more "ads"/promotion and just overall more money, also make the fuckin game playable for new comers dude, free CS is literally hvh, add some cool shit like battle pass or smth
How much do you pay for sex in your country?
No Fap Dangerous
lmfao +1000
How much do you pay for sex in your country?
free when u're attractive 😎