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Hello. You can call me, whatever you feel like.

I care a lot about our community, so you may see me often telling people to read and follow the rules.
Don't take it too personally.

You're welcome to send me a private message if you seek any kind of assistance :-)
Thanks for reading.

I often update this biography panel!

Forum posts
Ban americans
Hello everybody. Make sure you've read and fully understood the forum rules before posting. Thank you!
Best car brand
Dacia is Renault's leftover cars. their security is heavily outdated. they're dangerous cars and I suggest thinking twice before purchasing one.
DOTA 2 Start Banning Smurfs & Booster
Maybe it's not all people that consider getting "destroyed" fun.
oldest meme of csgo?
I thought that was from 1.6 or earlier.
DOTA 2 Start Banning Smurfs & Booster
I can only dream. These changes would make the matchmaking experience drastically better.
Brazil is not white
Hello. Please make sure that your future threads isn't considered 'useless' Thanks.
Rate my two drawings! (be nice)
Hello everybody. Please make sure that you've read and fully understood the rules before posting, thanks.
why i browse HLTV
Hello, Please refrain from insulting other users. Thank you!
ESEA is bullshit
Maybe you should care less about ranks.
Csgo manager
It would be very entertaining for fans of the eSport scene!
They probably changed some colors in the main menu though!
best map of country
Sweden - Nuke
Question about insults
They should still be considered insults. Considering how we have no idea about what ideology they support. People call germans for nationalists because of their past history, which is absurd and is v...
Why we need a PM report feature
That's not a bad idea, losif.
Why we need a PM report feature
There are 9 according to the admin @Jonty04l32. But I agree, It would probably take a lot of hard work to implement.