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ban all EUrobabies in twitch chat
I think you take this way to seriously. Look I'm not a fan of Liquid or EG but I think it's good that they are able to compete at the highest level. It makes tournaments more interesting. Everything e...
ban all EUrobabies in twitch chat
You mean 4th right. Because it goes like this EU>CIS>BRAZIL>na.
ban all EUrobabies in twitch chat
NA calling era after 3 months behaving like they have ruled the cs scene since the dawn of time. What goes around comes around lol.
Eg bettors
Copied from the match thread: "Just threw 2.4K on EG to win outright.. and 842 dollars on 2-0 EG.. easiest money ive made" I already luled at him.
ban all EUrobabies in twitch chat
You need to look up how to spell "fluke".
ban all EUrobabies in twitch chat
"NA winning" lol like that ever happened.
ban all EUrobabies in twitch chat
That's how shittalking works you idiot. LUL NA doesn't even know how to shittalk. OMEGALUL
EU delusional?
EG just lost a BO3 against NIP lul.
Even some pros are using a wireless mouse. They are usually more heavy than wired mice though. And more expensive. Do you need a wireless mouse, do you use it away from your desk?
COBBLESTONE back to map pool maps ?
Old cbbl plz. Not that Halloween abomination.
EG so lucky
Nothing ninja about that defuse lol. EG just too scared to peek.
EU not 1st world
The special UN Inspector for poverty said he has never seen anything as bad as Alabama in any industrialized nation. lol
Europe come NOW
Checks out. All racists are people that don't have anything else to be proud about lol.
Turkish language
Great turk bait. lol Already caught 4.
It is.