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Top 20 players of 2021: s1mple (1)
a literal GOAT xD
award show chat
no dividing to eng, ru, portugese streams = all viewers at one stream = chaos
award show chat
best name ever)) did u mean "he'll be in prison in 2024"?
most overrated player
olofmeister. was beasting only in old days in low competitive era. dunno why nowdays people think that he's good...
most overrated player
"i arent think" OMG, dumb s1mple's hater. gamcheat gloryhunter. most overrated players are gambit squad: haven't won a single serious LAN trophey in 2021
Top 20 players of 2021: b1t (9)
still sad. xD
Top 20 players of 2021: b1t (9)
Defenitely. These guys won several online useless roflo-tournaments. And then in LANs were stomped by any of the top-5 teams in almost all the important matches...
Top 20 players of 2021: b1t (9)
This means that Perfecto won't be in the top-20. Sad. I think he deserves it. Anyway b1t deserves top-10!..
reducing capacity to 5 bullts won't have a real impact
The year in photos: 2021
me too man b1t's powerful invasion to the pro-scene and s1mple's tears after winning the Major are unforgettable! <3
B1t stay true to his speciality...
it was a "1 man show" about a 1.5 year ago and before it. Now it's not. History has taught us that 1 man team can't win serious trophies consistenly. (zywoo team)
Top 4 locked
what do u mean "raw skill" ? zywoo may be better only in the shooting skills. If we talk about the general level of play - than s1mple is #1 so faaar!..
20 YEARS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
yep, one of the Greatest film series of all time!
electronic vs gla1ve
Daddytronic <3