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Cheaters come for hug.
It's fun as i see it check this one
Csgo facts
It's hard to spot by just looking aimbot with lowsettings is invizeble for human eyes.
Csgo facts
You can buy premium hack fotlike 10 eur and cheat on faceit....
Buff Krieg
Without noclip movement speed it feels not worth 500 to be fair.
Most toxic player per country
Most toxic player per country
Lol i was like how any brit can win this award you got to get zombie kill thing of the year like in zombieland?
Faceit joke...
And they think we play with hot accented brits... Ooi mait shud a fuk ope... All game long.
Faceit joke...
Felt sorry saw flag giggled for nothing hihi.
s1mple baiter as always
For example I que up in mm with mg or so thay invite me BTW and that guy got long spawn in dust and just stops to let me entry and it's not possible to explain that I would trade or cover him way more...
Global after 4K hours, 2K wins
I got global when few years you on like 400h with solo q only and laptop in bad now after 2 years break im back to mě for now its ez should never take 4kh
halal = healthier
We need to send red Cross (CHURCH ARMY) to painlessly slaughter you.
AMD fanboys
I'm on 300 stable fps with 5 yo pc for 1200 gbp.
clock drift
I gues you got nice watch which is made in your country.
Girl friend broke up with me
The way woman brain work is the more intrest and cear you show less intrested she will be amd on top of that all junge roman dont know what is monogamy so see will be bored its natural for them to mak...
HyperX Cloud 2
Dont boost it and dont make it to loud ppl can hear you 3.5 j is fine.