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BIG and losing against great odds
What if Sprout and NIP played really well? Because they did, accusing a team of matchfixing is somethign very serious and neither of those games look suspect, there are no throws, its just the opposin...
I believe in MIBR
didn't mean to disrespect the tier 3 gods of swedish counterstrike, sorry mens
I believe in MIBR
they lost a map to FreddyFrog and Relaxa, i feel so bad for you brazilians, you shouldnt be forced to watch these clown collapse and make fools of their legacy and hard work
G2 roster change?
Shadow would be a straight upgrade but Jankos very smart and works well with Caps, would be very interesting still, what about adding Alphari tho? Hes a baller
IF Messi leaves
Zlatan was a panic emergency buy to give Rebic some competiotion because he was slacking off and being a dick, he definetely isnt Serie A level at this age, even though he has a very impressive physiq...
G2 and FaZe will NEVER win a major
the thing is that CSGO need hectic and consistent comms, unlike a game like League which is slower, meaning you can think more about using a non-native language good, in CS sometimes you have to talk ...
Will Barca win today?
no they wont, Barca looking kinda bad, no wonder players like Arthur want to get away
Virtus Pro FIX
the dream would be Chopper, great CIS IGL, but i doubt hell downgrade
Olof might be a fit but hes not exactly a talent seeing his recent form, he can deffo bring stability and veteran experience, but if i have to be honest, its norhing more than what Chris already bring...
ChrisJ is playing info and B site anchor on CT and plays entry/support on T sides, which are probably the hardest roles to find talent in, I think of those you listed Lollipop21k might be a decent cho...
idk, first thing ALEX said that the tier 1 pro life doesnt really suit him so its hard he will go back to a tier 1 team, but lets say he does. ALEX main strenght was being able to call around one play...
COL grim
not a good role overlap sadly, RUSH may not have the best stats but Col needs a sacrificial lamb on T sides for k0nfig second entries and they need a B player, Grim overlaps a LOT with k0nfig roles an...
grim alpha male??
future 100T or Liquid player, he's absolutely insane, incredible aim, gamesense and balls of steel, cant wait to see him in an actual tier 1 team
Getafe vs Atlético
Cavani would have been a bad move because hes old and costs a lot but i agree with what you are saying, 120 for felix is a lot but basically everyone wanted him unlike Halland and Vinicius Jr. which w...