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Yes, for me, too, the Japanese language is the most beautiful in sound, and in the style I like it most of all, well, it's a matter of taste.
NiKo :((
s1mple has such a mouse Logitech G Pro Wireless
gg ez
Of course it's cool, well, you are 5 lvl facets and two 5 and two 3 and also 4 played against you, what's cool here?
S1mple is the greatest player to ever touch CSGO
So I write to him that Simple is so legendary that even without winning a major, they consider him the best in history and in majors he has the best stats from the coldzera for all time.
S1mple is the greatest player to ever touch CSGO
But s1mple is one of the best statistics in these majors, you can play like a bot and play a major, or you can play like a god and lose like a warrior, so once again you dishonored yourself, my friend...
Ropz : s1mple is the best player to touch cs.
ZywOo skill guy and of course very smart but that makes the simp he did not even dream about it, he is so far closer to him but let's see what happens next.
s1mple 360 no scope
+ 32 against Astralis was not enough for you?
Most beautiful countries
Natus Vincere vs Astralis
And did Simple still think to play him with awp or not?
s1mple or zywoo?
Everything is already obvious it will be exactly ZywOo, well, of course we were surprised when device was left without top 2, so it can still be, although I sympathize more with s1mple than ZywOo but ...
Respect Stewie2k
And he also graffiti the former team with which he won in major paints on a trash can, that's why he definitely should not be respected.
OMG!!! AVANGAR s1mple
Cool nick)) and very relevant especially in 2018 was relevant))