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G2 jebaited
I know that he is a genius player, and for this he will play in the greatest team
m0NESY to G2 deal finalized - Report
the b1t was better than the aunker, this is understandable, but again, as anyone, well, the fact that the m0nesy did not take in Navi, you know why, because there is a s1mple, and they are similar in ...
m0NESY to G2 deal finalized - Report
My attitude is the same, but when I see comments from Ukrainians about Russians or vice versa, 99% of them are stupid, Elian has just moved to another organization, so no.
G2 jebaited
yes yes I know that this is bait, just don't believe this clown, but go to the statistics and see that he has more than one match against the top 30, and according to statistics, in general, he is inf...
m0NESY to G2 deal finalized - Report
First, I didn’t say that Monesi would play well, I’m just happy for him, he was given a chance, like a b1t , and secondly, if you call Monesi overrated with 1 29 kd with such a weak team, why can’t I ...
m0NESY to G2 deal finalized - Report
Yes, for me this is an average figure, the same Electronic is already behind a flipside with statistics of 1 17, despite the fact that he is a much more aggressive player, so Monesi definitely deserve...
m0NESY to G2 deal finalized - Report
He was good at shooting well statistics were average you know huh?
m0NESY to G2 deal finalized - Report
your flair, shows how stupid you are, b1t was an average player in navi junior, well, as we see after his transition from tier 3 to tier 1, he showed that he deserves more, m0NESY has not even played ...
Are you from the CIS?