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csgo and you
Started feb 2017 +10kg same lol Not problems with school because its really easy, still getting only A's But i stopped going out with friends tho and stopped playing sports
[+18] r8 nightclub girls
Hahah u virgin u like bones like dogs This is real meat for real men and tiger in bed
Jermens & Brasileiros
They is are fkin cheat in futbol they cheat and win 7x1 not fair
in my school there is 1 cop but i live in a small town in texas about 350 students in high school so nothing really happens
MM Ranks to Faceit Ranks
i started with like silver4 now im lvl6 with 1.6kd on faceit but silver 6 on Matchmaking MM so trash full of cheats,doesnt mean nothing
yeah they good but EU Minor is so stacked they probably cant make it
Best 144hz monitor?
Group 2
vitality will choke, Niko and GOATmesiter 2 stronk
Stewie2k is the problem
stewie in top3 team = 1.07 rating auti in top50 team = 1.00 rating even an fpl player is better than auti
Make NA team
nifty is from USA
Can moderators please
so a guy with inflated nipples cant be alpha? love yuourself
What makes America so great?
Make NA team
i was watching vanity stream few days ago and he said marke and floppy deserve better, but he said floppy got an attitude lmao, and that teams are scared of marke english but its actually rlly good
Make NA team
its hard but MarKe 2nd star/lurker Nifty igl/awp Floppy main star Moose dapr this team can be decent top20 or best maybe close to top10 if good chemistry
Scary pros? literally this whole team mostly spayder and chuti, i would lose in purpose at LAN to dont make them mad