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new models are bad
lol ya that is the mentality.. 1.6 had different player skins anyway and it was fun. certain people would often use the same skin and you knew who you were dueling against sometimes, remember loving t...
Valve greedy jews
Jesus maybe get a job kiddo
Losers who play CSGO
On the one hand I feel your pain because there really are so many toxic kids out there especially at high ranks I have encountered people that get in pissing matches with each other about how good the...
How to sleep faster?
go to thee gym and do some squats or dead lifts or heavy compound lifts and you will sleep. also take magnesium supplements
Taco is a great player actually. you are probably just a low skilled player yourself and therefore can't really tell all you can see are numbers on a scoreboard.
FaZe vs Heroic
why bring this up nmoow when he just top fragged? lol not exactly a case in point
Third world countries
Your use of the phrase "third world" is a little arbitrary.. I mean Russia is not exactly an undeveloped nation. Calling them developing nations is really more applicable.
Neo GOAT explanation
lol why exactly because they just lost to the best team in the world? at least they beat VP it aint much but they won. Just because they are n'ot a top 10 team anymore doesn't mean they need to disb...
Neo GOAT explanation
I think faze would have probably been better just keeping NEO instead of getting broky.. then niko wouldn't need to IGL and NEO was getting better and was having more impact. Sure there are better fra...
FaZe vs BIG
true that
Is God Real?
It depends on how you define God. If you mean a human like beiong that exists within the universe but with ultimate power than likely not. If you mean God as the changeless and formless substratum of ...