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Gain weight
You only need two things really and that is to eat and to do full body or compound exercises; squats deadlifts bench press, military press, dead lifts these are the core lifts. This will signal your b...
Ence Era
check name
Secret vs HONORIS
TaZ, NEO lost to no namers
ya i have to admit if they dropped prism and taz and got some heavy hitters they would have a lot more potential. NEO is doing quite well
Sometimes its fun sometimes it just disgusting seeing what is actually happening. Flocking in from all over to a small town in Wisconsin to burn their hard businesses to the ground with no support fr...
+1 its pathetic.
Why Chaos made the right decision
Why Chaos made the right decision
shut up the the false dichotomy bullshit of "agree with us or your a racist!" you realize there are a ton of black intellectuals speaking out against this bullshit movement from the start right?
This is such a fucking joke. this whole movement is based on bullshit and honestly I am tired of explaining it at this point if you can't see it your just a sheep and a moron incapable of critical obj...
Why Chaos made the right decision
wow you are truly a moron
Lebanon aftermath video
damn that would suck someone doing that dumb shit to your car but Jesus that woman is whining like a baby is that a grown adult?? she sounds like she is in actual physical pain.
HONORIS vs Tikitakan
Honoris only win when Prism does well
Nordavind vs HONORIS
neo has sharp aim and it has been only getting better. his problems are more timing, over aggression and playing really really awkward positions vs HONORIS
meanwhile NEO with 120 adr against Nordavind
Frankie again