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Finnish CS 1.6 pro, currently playing CS:GO and coaching juniors (GoodGame Squad).

Played for teams such as wings/seriousgaming/4kings/CMAX.gg/Logitech.fi etc.

# 1st at HykoLAN 2003
# 25-32th at TiltGames2 2004
# 9-16th at Assembly 2004 (allies)
# 5-6th at Colosseum 2005 (wings)
# 9-12th at CPL WT Stop Barcelona (wings)
# 5-6th at RixHack 2005 (wings)
# 3-4th at ACON5 Nordic Pre-qualifier (wings)
# 5-6th at ACON5 Nordic Qualífier (wings)
# 13-16th at CPL WT Stop Rio De Janeiro (wings)
# 3-4th at Assembly 2005 WCG Qualifier (wings)
# 1st at WEG Season 3 European Qualifier - Stockholm, Sweden (wings)
# 5-8th at WEG Season 3 - Seoul, Korea (serious)
# 1st at Decem06w - Espoo, Finland (;AINESTA)
# 3rd at SHG Open 2006 - Fredericia, Denmark (serious)
# 1st at HykoLAN 2006 - Hyvinkää, Finland (;AINESTA)
# 1st at Netgamez 2006 - Nieuwegein, Netherlands (serious)
# 2nd at ESWC Qualifier 2006 - Helsinki, Finland (serious)
# 1st at Lahti Area Network 2007 - Lahti, Finland (ROTY)
# 2nd at Assembly Summer 2007 - Helsinki, Finland (Logitech)
# 2nd at Eurocup XV Finals - Enschede, Netherlands (CMAX.gg)
# 2nd at Intel Challenge Cup 2007 - Moscow, Russia (CMAX.gg)
# 4th at SLAP Live - Copenhagen, Denmark (CMAX.gg)
# 2nd at Kode5 NL Qualifier - Enschede, Netherlands (CMAX.gg)
#1st @ Areena #1 [Team White]

Thoorin's top10 Finnish CS players honourable mention:

biggs and Kuppi were both among the very best Finnish players of their eras, their problem as far as this list goes is that they didn't play on the pro level for long enough and their teams didn't accomplish much during their peaks. Kuppi in particular is a player I consider one of the most underrated of all time, very few seem to know just how good he was, but he can't compete with the names ahead of him on this list.

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