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gf cheated on me
no sleeping at a guy's place is NO
friendzone (dont come if not serious)
don't let it become a hostage situation, try to ask her out, try to know what's on her mind but she doesn't then it's time to take distance
because of insecurity, most of the idiots on this site are introverted awkward social freaks that are always patting themselves on the back through trolling others or making height threads.
cis and anime
i grew up on anime and my pfp is actually Goku lol. But seriously those weebs are cancer, they start complaining 2 minutes in
90k infected?
actually the main reason the economy is hard to develop is Politics
I can spell any word (with proof)
Over 40% suicide rate, and pretty much basic biology
start planking daily for around 5 minutes at least, and be patient you won't become arnold within 3 months lol
Sex her?
you should fuck the shit out of her till she can't walk
Just got fired
did you show them the middle finger ??
islam evil of the world?
as someone who isn't even that educated on islam, i can tell you the people behind that site are very clueless
islam evil of the world?
i thinks it's more about where people live, sadly most muslims are very simple minded so they end up being manipulated easily
Courses that kids in elementary school should have
+Human Interaction and Communication Skills many people , even adults are so bad at understanding how people should interact and get weird over a simple Hello or a Smile, it could avoid alot of potent...
If you could have s3x with any celebrity on this planet
if anything that proves the br guy right , he knew why billie eillish is trash before the br guy pointed it out lmfao
Oh shut up would you, listen to yourself, instead of giving arguments you're just calling everyone a cynic. Before you call someone dumb look at your behaviour, acting like a spoiled brat, when did yo...