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OG explain
it's literally 2 or 1 kill away from being a competitive game but OG just lose everything
OG explain
kinda crazy how a team can collapse like this. unlucky
Your country in finnish
hate on c9
hltv very toxic and many have attention span and mentality of a 10 year old kid, which i think is because there's many kids on hltv
i dont know but it's up for krimz to prove valve he didnt cheat and to get valve even care about it. he is a major champion so i would assume valve would aknowledge
Once a cheater always cheater. Why would valve unban cheaters? Krimz is rn in same situation as jamppi
G pro wireless 80€
I aim mostly with whole arm so weight doesnt really affect me its just the freedom of movement. I think under 80 grams for wireless is light enough
G pro wireless 80€
I go to gym i dont need light mouse
G pro wireless 80€
the world if
Poverty disappears, quality of living would increase everywhere and everyone would live in peace and harmony. Also every illness would disappear and everyone become happy
What is your eye color?
Global is underrated
no need to learn spray when most of the time need only 1-3 bullets. if your aim is bad then knowing spray is ok, but positioning and accuracy is more importanter
ENCE solution
disband for sure
E-Spor Career
it's most about natural skill combined with luck, in theory anyone can just form a random mix team and qualify to a major. You can grind 10k hours csgo but never go even near a professional scene or e...