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Most likely C9 roster
he said he wants to move to na and if he does there should be no issues related to him, especially if he joins gen.g
Most likely C9 roster
kaze or smooya for 6th players bc henryg doesnt want any visa issues and if you want woxic you need player to replace his awp or to be good enough with rifle to substitute others, kaze and smooya fill...
Most likely C9 roster
My guess would be ; ALEX, mezii, woxic, STYKO, rallen, smooya/Kaze.
HLTV New feature
#5 nice it works
someone should check your brain really
C9 new team proposition
i cant find these solutions really working since you don't have any fiewpower + expirience + not-braindead igl in many of those. I support idea of taking otto as an awp but you already have woxic who'...
Movie to watch
Prisoners, The Prestige, The Usual Suspects, Rear Window, North by Northwest, Gone Girl, Phone Booth, Memories of Murder, Memento, Searching, Inception, Silence of the Lambs, Misery, Cape Fear, The Ac...
Top 5 Brasil teams
FURIA TeamOne BOOM Yeah RED Canids i think this one is more accurate mens))
CSGO Pro letter game
lmao what would happen in 1xbet thread
good luck to everyone
yes but it's 5th player they are usually clutch potential / supportive players that have good games sometimes but they are usually the worst individuals on their team
he is 26yo good 2nd called and supportive rifler, i mean guardian also retired and played for that shit team oldg you know he can come back from retirement or atleast coach this team mens ))
FunPlus Phoenix ; ALEX - Ingame Leader woxic - AWP nukkye - Lurker, rifle, 2nd AWP juanflatroo - Entry fragger, rifle nex / freddieb / rallen - 5th player, most likely support.
epl fantasy
i suggest aleksib he is nice cheap pick for 185k