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flusha team
Could be Saddyx or Otto both good players for team start.
flusha team
Flusha Sunny(If he doesn't fit in FPX) Espiranto Ottond(Sunny said that there was one other Finnish player in flusha/sunny line-up) Young player
OG Fix
Nexa said in last HLTV confirmed that Espiranto just needs IGL who he believes in and AleksiB have proven in Ence himself as IGL who can lead to victories. But probably Espiranto is part of Sunny/Flus...
G2 needs to let go old guys (French players)
100t new team?
Flusha,Sunny,Espiranto,Ottond and 5th
New Finnish team? flusha and suNny are still looking for teammates
Sunny/Flusha project
Sunny said that he got one Finnish player.
Sunny/Flusha project
True true they had potential to beat astralis only if they had a bit better player than letn1
Sunny/Flusha project
He didn't say that he doesn't want to play. He just said that he wanted a bit more time to think about everything and decide.
Sunny/Flusha project
Olof could be the 5th I only know the 4 player that should be there.
Sunny/Flusha project
Would be good but Letn1 isn't good for teams to get on t1 unless he's just be as bait always :D
Sunny/Flusha project
jackz is forming other French team.
Sunny/Flusha project
He was just standing in for them as they have no 5th player to just make money for living :D
Sunny/Flusha project
I would think that Shipz is better pick up than Rigon when he underperformed hard in c0ntact